Sunday, January 7, 2018

21 Street Food in Bangkok

Just came back from a great vacation in Bangkok. We are glad that we went ahead with our holiday plan  despite the coup that just happened a day earlier and the curfew, which was imposed from 10pm to 6am..  Went to a few places, Chinatown, Wat Arun, MBS mall, Platinum Fashion Mall and Chatuchak Weekend market, to name a few. We love Bangkok for so many reason, the friendly people, cheap massage, a lot places to visit, shopping and of course, for its wide range of good food especially the street food.

We had a lot of food for a short 3 days visit. We wanted to try on every food we see, but our stomach can only take so much., Here is the list of street food that we had. 

1. Coconut ice cream at Chatuchak Weekend Market. It's so refreshing especially during the hot weather.  While waiting for our turn to order, the lady offer both of us a small glass of fresh coconut juice. The coconut water was free, but we still have to pay for the ice cream. It comes with 2 topping of your choice (35baht)

2. The must have in Bangkok : sticky rice with mango. Can get this at every part of the city. Mine is from Chatuchak weekend market. (50baht)

3. Thai green Papaya salad or Som Tam. Best salad you will ever have in your life! Sweet, sourish, hot, spicy, crunchy, all in one bowl.  My wife loves this so much, I lost count of number of bowls she ordered through out our stay here in Bangkok. You can find this at every part of the city. Price range from 35 baht to 50 baht.

4. Fried quail eggs.

5. Freshly squeezed orange juice. The juice so refreshing and thirst quenching.  And in Bangkok, you can also find pomegranate, lime and pineapple juice on the street. 20 to 40 baht depending on the size of the bottle.

6. BBQ Pork sausages.  Grilled over hot charcoal, it's nice but one was enough for us as the sausage was a bit too oily to our liking. (20 baht)

7. Thai sticky rice with durian. This one of my favourite.  With a combination of Thai famous durian and sticky rice, what can go wrong? (50 baht)

8. Street coffee and tea. (20Baht). It's a must in the morning. This guy has a wide range of beverages you can order, iced Thai coffee, iced tea, iced Nescafe, iced Milo or combination of any of these. See my full post here >>

Best Street Coffee and Tea By a Street Vendor in Bangkok

9. Not sure what it's called but ate it and tasted good. Located in front of Platinum Fashion Mall. You can put as much condiments and veggies as you like.   (35 Baht)

10. Dessert with coconut milk.

11. Fried banana, fried yam, fried tapioca and fried pumpkin served with sticky rice. Her stall is under Rathchewi BTS.

 12 Kway chap.  A must have in Bangkok. We read so much about it, and wanted to try it so much but could find any stall until we visited Bangkok Chinatown at Yaowarat, It's a mixture of roasted pork, pork ball and pork innards. (50 Baht)

13. Fish maw in slimy and sticky sauce (50 baht).

14 Mix rice. I took green chicken curry and pork curry (50 baht)

15. Crispy fried oyster at Bangkok Chinatown (100 baht)

16 Dessert- ta fu fah with mochi and crispies.

17 A plate of roasted pork, char siu, pork sausage and egg, served peanut sauce. (100 baht)

18. My wife's favourite: Kanom buang, Thai crispy tacos (dessert - 10Baht)

19 Jook (porridge)

20 Fried rice (Khao Phat- 50Baht)

21. Minced pork with Thai basil rice. (50 Baht)

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